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Angelo 75 chimney

autoclean chimney

Angelo 75 chimney


Finish: Black Glass
Size: 75 Cm
Suction ( m3/h ): 1600±50m³/Hr
Auto Clean type: Intelligent Auto Clean
Switch Control: Touch Control
Illumination type: LED
Voltage (V) / Frequency (Hz): AC220-240V / 50 Hz
Noise Level ( dBA): 58 dB
Duct Diameter (mm): 150mm

Technical Specifications:

  1. Intelligent Autoclean
  2. Filterless
  3. Power saving LED
  4. Touch interface
Chimneys Electric chimneys Technology

Benefits of auto clean technology in kitchen chimneys

kutchina autoclean chimney
Elizza dlx from Kutchina. i-clean technology

Benefits of auto clean technology in Chimneys:

  • Traditional Chimneys with Casette filter has a Disadvantage—Filter obstructs the suction & frequency of cleaning the filter is more in these chimneys and the Service required is also more frequent. As it obstructs the flow, suction reduces by 150-200m3/hr.For example, a chimney with a cassette filter of 1000 suction, actual efficiency would be only 800.
  • Baffle filter Chimneys are Litte better than cassette filter chimneys, As it reduces the frequency of service and cleaning is reduced to an extent. But Efficiency is certainly reduced.
  • Baffle filters with Autolean are recent Advancements, But still have filters, which need to be cleaned.
  • Advanced chimneys are Filterless Autoclean-1st gen auto clean, 2nd gen auto clean and  3rd Generation Autoclean. 3rd Generation auto clean chimneys are without filter and have a chamber that collects oil and Efficiency is More as No filters are there and No hassles of Cleaning filter. Just PUSH OF A BUTTON, Oil gets collected in the collector.
  • Kutchina has launched 4th Generation i-Clean Technology which has Ai based sensors which detect the amount of oil collected and runs autoclean by itself
Benefits of auto clean technology in Chimneys:

Uses of Autoclean technology in chimneys

  1. So Auto clean chimneys have a full suction capacity
  2. Maintenance-free
  3. No hassles of cleaning filters, thereby fewer service issues
  4. Fewer services, So obviously good savings
  5. It increases the lifetime of the chimney as oil and grease gets melted every time
  6. Autoclean chimneys are Little highly-priced, but the overall cost is less as the maintenance costs and service cost are less in auto clean chimneys
  7. Comes with Oil collector–Very easy to maintain
  8. Motor housing must be of Metal to facilitate the auto-clean option so, it increases the life of the chimney
  9. No filters-So complete utilization of suction power and hence the oil, fumes are effectively sent out of the duct
  10. Most of the I-clean chimneys launched by Kutchina are feather touch control, so easy to operate
  11. Keeps the Kitchen cabinets clean, free from oil with the usage of chimneys with proper suction capacity
  12. Usually, Chimneys also reduce the heat in the kitchen, In summer working in the kitchen is irritating in the heat, but the usage of chimneys in the kitchen reduces the heat to some extent

These are the Benefits of auto clean technology in Chimneys, Look at the brands which have auto-clean technology

Top Chimney Brands with Benefits of auto clean technology

  • Kutchina—Pioneers in Autoclean technology, they have launched 1st gen, 2nd gen, and 3rd gen auto clean chimneys. In 2019 they have launched Intelligent Autoclean chimneys ( i-clean) which means, it cleans by itself using sensor technology.
blackstar 60
  • autoclean  chimneyForbes-DLX-60
  • Elica– Few Filterless Autoclean models
  • Glen–Few models have got Autoclean. These are with BLDC Motor-less noise models.
6073 and 6074 models in Glen are Filterless Autoclean Chimneys
  • Bosch– Filterless Autoclean model is launched in 90cm
  • Hafele–Filterless Models are launched but not Autoclean
Teresa 60
  • IFB–Best brand in appliances, Coming with Filterless Autoclean technology with the good price range
  • Blaupunkt (German brand promoted by Hettich)-got some models with Filterless Autoclean

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Autoclean chimneys Electric chimneys i clean chimneys Technology

Kutchina Forbes Dlx Chimney

Forbes DLX 60

Forbes dlx Chimney

Forbes 60 Dlx is an upgraded version of Forbes 60 from Kutchina. Forbes 60 was 3rd generation filterless autoclean chimney from Kutchina kitchen appliances.

Forbes 60 was launched with elegant design and glass model flat glass and 1100m3/hr suction.

The new model Forbes Dlx 60 comes with Intelligent auto clean and 1350 m3/hr and Touch model with a Lifetime warranty on the motor.Buy Kutchina forbes dlx 60 from our Onlinestore

Kutchina :

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forbes dlx i clean chimney

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