kaff showroom in kukatpally

kaff showroom in kukatpally

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Cooker Hoods

kaff showroom in kukatpally

kaff showroom in kukatpally

KAFF offers an array of designs in cooker hood in various shapes and sizes to suit all kitchen types. Wide range of models are available based on different color, features and installation type. These cooker hoods with powerful airflow not only keep your kitchen hygiene and clean, but also add elegance to it.

kaff showroom in hyderabad

Built in Hob

Kaff’s built-in hobs is a utilitarian product, it reduces the need of extra spaces. Comes in different width and has stainless steel or tempered glass finish. Talking about the price- it comes in a wide price bracket which makes the buyers’ decision easy towards selecting the best at optimum prices.

Built in Ovens

KAFF built in oven meets the highest culinary standards of quality, performance, style and design. Each is equipped with a built in rotisserie which cooks or grills sumptuous dishes that are healthier too. For even distribution of hot air in the system, there is a circular element that works with the fan, thus helping one cook and bake with majestic ease.  

Built in Microwave

A premium kitchen and home appliances brand, KAFF has launched a new built-in microwave that helps in preparing delicious food in less time. The built-in microwave launched by KAFF is a combination of a grill and microwave made of all-black tempered glass and a stainless steel outer frame front door with glass.

Built in Dishwashers

Kaff has always gone to great lengths to offer the highest quality dishwashers. A great example of this is the fully loaded Free standing and built-in dishwashers that use far less water and electricity. Besides being low in noise and dependable, they give the cleanest wash.