1.Kutchina chimney

Kutchina is 17years old company Pioneers in Auto clean Technology,  which has its stronghold in Eastern India.Dominates the chimney segment with almost 90% sales in North East and Eastern India.Over 200 Dealers and Distributors across India has its network.

Unlike other chimney brands, after careful analysis of the needs of the customer, launched Auto clean chimneys in India and that too with Filterless.

This is the difference between other brands and Kutchina. It has unique centrifugal suction and Filterless (no hassles of cleaning filter ) other brands filter needs to be cleaned for every 15days.

So many companies /brands copied this, with fake auto clean( no centrifugal action) and Autoclean with Filters, means you need to clean filters anyways.

So choose wisely. Now a days other brands giving full time ads and noiseless chimneys is completely false.No chimney comes without noise.

But Noise levels are to be noted.

Kutchina Florentine bk- 46 db noise(least of all in 2feet range) 1200 suction

florentine chimney

Kutchina Ace- 46db noise, 1200 suction in 2.5feet

Kutchina Aster-3feet chimney with 1200 suction 46db

Chimneys come with Lifetime warranty on motor and 1st 3services free and Company operated service centers and Toll free number.

Check all the models

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