best kitchen chimney brands in India

kutchina forbes 60

best kitchen chimney brands in India 

  1. Kutchina : It is Known for its advanced Autoclean technology, and are Pioneers in this technology.It comes with Filterless technology and has introduced latest 3rd generation autoclean technology.All the chimneys from Kutchina has got life time warranty on products and 3 services free with Service center available. It has toll free number to Book services and Can mail to Price Range starts from 8000 to 56000 are Highly efficient and durable. suction starts from 700m3/hr to 1600m3/hr. no other brand has got 1600 suction chimney.
  2. Hindware : It has got good brand name in Sanitary market, so It has entered and made good margins in the market with Low end models to high end models.Most of them are reliable models. It has launched autoclean models but are attached with filter.
  3. Bosch : Bosch are known for machines, but couldn’t capture Indian market due to their models are made for european and u.s markets.Soon they are launching Customised products according to Indian consumers.But, the quality and service is good.These are Mesh filter models and Baffle filter models. so hassles of cleaning filter
  4. Elica has made its mark with good models but are made according to the Price, high end models with Very high price and Low end models are Priced very low with low quality and Suction.These are Filter models
  5. Faber: Faber has good collection of Models with 3d technology and has its name in the market since long, but they have the same problem, started customizations according to Indian consumers recently.But service is not good, atleast in Hyderabad. So its going down
  6. Kaff: Kaff is known for its number of models and Quality, but service is not good.They got filter chimneys and Autoclean chimneys with filter and Filterless chimneys without autoclean options.

Conclusion : All brands claim to be from German or Italian or whatever, But all Machines are manufactured in China and are Impported to India, But are manufactured according to the guidelines given by the companies/brands. so while choosing a chimney Look for following things :

  1. What is the size of the chimney and whether it suits the space available in the Kitchen
  2. Looks : Whether it is matching our Interior design
  3. Suction : How much suction is required for your kitchen
  4. Autoclean and Filterless : These are advanced options available, so that you need not clean the filters and with just touch of the button or touch control, it gets all the oil collected.
  5. Service center: Check how is the service and whether the company has its own service center or franchisee( franchisee creates lot of headache)
  6. Budget : Budget comes last, because if you ignore all 5 options above and go with budget, you might end up buying 2-3 chimneys in 2-3 years instead of one chimney in 8-10 years.

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