Electric chimneys in Kondapur

Electric chimneys in Kondapur

Electric chimneys in Kondapur -Chimney Showroom at botanical garden road, Kondapur, Hyderabad.Electric chimneys are Essential part in everyone’s kitchen.Due to the Modern concept of Modular kitchens, Chimneys are of utmost important in Eliminating the odors and Smoke from the kitchen.Electric chimneys are available generally in various brands with Sizes of 60cm, 75cm, 71cm, 76cm and 90cm.Most popular Electric chimneys comes in 60cm and 90 cm,i.e 2feet and 3feet. Traditionally chimneys are Just passage ways for smoke to let out, But these Modern day chimneys suck the odours and Smoke,which is a major Indoor pollutant and Also damages the interiors of the Kitchen with Oil and soot are Sucked in by chimney and are vent out from the duct pipe. Primitive/Conventional technology involves the Filters either Cassette or Baffle( which are cumbersome to clean), But Chimney store at Kondapur offers Autoclean chimneys at best prices.

Electric chimney store in Kondapur.Electric Chimneys of Different Brands Are available at Kondapur Store are

1.Kutchina-Pioneers in Autoclean technology and with Filterless Autoclean Technology

2. GAMLE(Great Appliances Make Life Easy)—Autoclean Chimneys

3. Sleek–Sleek chimneys and Hobs by Asian Paints

4. Sunblaze-20 years Experience in Cooktops Industry and Launched Chimneys and Hobs


6.Bosch Kitchen Appliances


8.Prestige Cooktops and Appliances


Electric chimneys in Kondapur kutchina forbes 60

                     Kutchina Forbes 60( Autoclean Chimney)


Electric chimneys in Kondapur-GAMLE Emily 60

GAMLE-EMILY ACL 60( Autoclean Chimney)

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