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Kitchen Chimney Distributors in Hyderabad

Chimney Distributors Hyderabad

Kitchen Chimney Distributors in Hyderabad

Kitchen Chimney Distributors in Hyderabad

Brand : Kutchina

Address1 : Eight streaks Interiors

 A-402, Phase1, Allwyn colony, Pipeline Road,



Kutchina is Pioneer in Autoclean chimneys in India.With its vast experience in the kitchen and appliances Industry, Kutchina has launched its first autoclean chimney decades ago.

Its first Autoclean model came up with 

First Generation Autoclean

1. water autoclean

2. manual mixing of detergent and Water

3.Manual Pouring of measured quantity of water.

Benefits: Filter cleaning not required

and Full suction power of chimney


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2nd Generation Auto clean chimneys with Automatic 

1. Automatic intake and cleaning 

florentine chimney

Next lanch was 3rd generation Autoclean chimneys from Kutchina.

1.Heat auto clean


3.No maintainance

filterless autoclean chimney
vega 60 electric chimney
Kutchina Amora 90cm chimney

4th Generation i-clean technology by Kutchina

sapphire 60 iclean filterless chimneys
sapphire 60 iclean filterless chimneys
blackstar 60 autoclean chimney
angelo premium 75 chimney hood

4th Generation I clean chimneys are Intelligent auto clean chimneys which has a sensor to detect the amount of oil collected and works in Collection of oil from the chimneys.

4th generation autoclean chimneys from Kutchina with revolutionary concept is going to change the market trend and Kutchina is Known for “True autoclean chimneys”  as other brands claim to be autoclean are just copy of it.

Kutchina i clean comes with 

1. Filterless technology



4.Heat autoclean


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