kutchina chimney vega 75

kutchina chimney vega 75

vega 75

kutchina chimney vega 75 is with 3rd generation dry Auto-clean
Touch control with wavesensor
Noise level : 58dB

Kutchina Vega 75 is a Filterless Chimney with Autoclean technology and Comes with Motion sensor technology and LED Lights and with a Suction of 1200 metre cube per Hour.

Filterless technology enables to get 100% of the effectiveness of the suction and No cleaning hassles

Auto-clean helps in internal cleaning of motor, which removes the hassle of cleaning chimney filter and also increases the life of the chimney and motor, thus reducing the number of times the service required.Hence more money is saved.

Kutchina Vega 75 comes with Motion sensor technology, with just a wave motion chimney switches ON/OFF.

1200M3/Hr Suction power of chimney helps in extraction of fumes, smoke, soot, vapours, odour and oil from the kitchen effectively

Warranty : Kutchina vega 75 comes with the warranty of Lifetme warranty i.e 9years and also with 1year free service which includes 3 free services .

MRP 22990/-
Total Power : 296.5 W
Size : 75 Cm
Motor Power : 1 X 215 W
Illumination Type : 1 X 1.5 W LED
AutoClean Type : 3rd Gen Dry Auto Clean

Suction Capacity : 1200±50m3/Hr
Switch: Touch Control
Filter Type : Filterless
Dimension (L X W X H) 750 x 480 x 540 mm

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