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Memory Foam mattress in Hyderabad

springfit memory foam mattress

Memory foam Mattress-Springfit Mattress in Hyderabad

Mattress is a supporting structure containg various layers which used as a part of bed and may consists of Quilted or similarly fastened structure usually of cloth and contains material such as feathers, cotton, straw, rubber or foam or mixture of these.

Modern day mattress comes with unique structure and layers with bonnel springs attached or Pocketed springs, Memory foam, latex foam, and various high density foams with varied comfort levels.

Early mattresses contained a variety of natural materials including straw, feathers or horse hair. In the first half of the 20th century, a typical mattress sold in North America had an innerspring core and cotton batting or fiberfill. Modern mattresses usually contain either an inner spring core or materials such as latex, viscoelastic or other flexible polyurethane foams.

Orthopaedic mattress

An orthopedic mattress (or orthopaedic mattress) is a mattress designed to support the joints, back and overall body. As its name suggests, an orthopaedic mattress has been influenced by the medical study of orthopaedics which focuses on disorders or deformities of the spine and joints. Orthopaedic mattresses have been created to combat the problems one might experience with a bad back or joints by providing a firm mattress which offers targeted, tailored support.

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Reactive Ortho-Memory foam mattress from Springfit

springfit reactive ortho

Layers in Reactive Ortho mattress

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