Bosch Cooktops in India

Bosch Cooktops in India

Bosch Cooktops in India

Bosch Cooktops in India | Bosch Gas stoves in India. Bosch appliances has added a demanding product from Customers to its Basket. Its Traditional cooktop model or Gas stove.

Bosch Cooktops

Bosch Cooktops in India, a spacious glass cooktop
with bigger burners and extendable legs to make cooking faster and cleaning
easier. Bring home this perfect partner now and make life easy.

Built with a 6-mm glass shield, that has been
quality-tested as per German standards, this
glass top is Scatter proof, and can withstand
years of extensive usage. Durable and efficient,
this toughened glass exterior truly lives up to it’s

Our ergonomically designed Sword
shaped knobs are easy to use. It adds to
effective cooking that’s hassle free with
smooth operations. Start a relationship
that’s smooth.

Just like a supportive relationship, our Bosch
Cooktops provide pan support. Being flame
proof, corrosion resistant and scratch proof
it can lovingly take on Indian vessels, big or

In the same way partners shield each other, our
Bosch Cooktops is designed to offer Heat Shield
with high quality stainless steel that’s corrosion
free and can take on any amount of heat in the

Bosch cooktop

Bosch Authorized dealer Chimney and kitchen Appliances

Bosch Authorized dealer Chimney and kitchen Appliances


Offers and Discounts all around the year. Authorized dealers of Bosch appliances in Hyderabad.

Bosch Chimneys, Hobs built in, Oven, Microwave, and Built in Dishwashers in Hyderabad.

New- Brass Burner Hobs

New- Autoclean Chimneys

Bosch Authorized dealer

Bosch Chimneys , Built i hobs, Ovens and Dishwashers available at Eight streaks Interiors, Authorised dealer of Bosch kitchen appliances in Hyderabad

We deal in Bosch Appliances, Large appliances include Chimneys/Hoods, Hobs, Built in Microwave oven and Built in Dishwasher.

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Bosch Chimneys for Smoke free Kitchens

Self clean technology – Auto clean Chimneys

Bosch hobs have been engineered with Indian cooking habits in mind. They are equipped with triple flame burners for even distribution of heat, strong pan support and with flame failure device for safety.

High suction chimneys with Autoclean technology, Self cleaning chimneys. 

 Autoclean Chimneys

Bosch Home Appliances Hyderabad

Bosch Home Appliances Hyderabad | Built in Appliances

Bosch Home Appliances Hyderabad , Eight streaks interiors and Appliances store in Hyderabad, Authorized Dealer of Bosch Appliances which includes Kitchen Hood /Chimney, Hobs, built in oven/ OTG , built in microwave and Built in dishwasher. ( Semi integrated and Fully integrated).

Bosch Home Appliances Hyderabad
Built in hob
Kitchen hood
Autoclean Chimney
Bosch Home Appliances Hyderabad

Bosch small appliances such as Mixer grinders, Hand mixers, food processor, blenders and slow juicers are Available.

Bosch mixer grinder small Appliances

Bosch built in Appliances :

Call us : +91-9347604961

Shop no 4&5, first floor, beside Landmark hospital, Nizampet x road , Near Jntu metro station, Nizampet Hyderabad

Bosch Kitchen Appliances

Bosch Kitchen Appliances, Hydernagar, Hyderabad

Bosch Kitchen Appliances

Bosch Kitchen Appliances, Kitchen Chimney, Hob, Oven, microwave oven and Dishwasher.

Bosch has Launched Autoclean Chimneys, Brass burner hobs and latest models of Built in dishwasher and Semi Built in dishwasher.

Bosch is known for its Quality and Reliable brand in Appliances.

Bosch Kitchen Appliances are available in Hyderabad at Eight streaks interiors, Authorized Dealer for Bosch Built in Appliances.

Call Bosch Kitchen Appliances: 9347604961

Showroom Address : Shop no 4&5, First floor, Beside Landmark hospital

Hydernagar, Hyderabad.

Crompton Built-in Appliances in Hyderabad

Crompton Built-in Appliances in Hyderabad, Chimneys, Hobs, Microwave Oven, OTG Built-in, and Built-in Dishwasher.

Crompton Chimneys are of 2 ranges

1. Sensosmart. These are Auto clean Chimney with Curve , box shape and the Inclined shape with motion sensor technology and smoke sensor technology. These are best Filterless Autoclean Chimneys with 10 years warranty on motor

2. Quietpro series

These are Autoclean Chimneys with Above all features and Additional feature of BLDC Motor which is less noise motors and More durable. These also come with 10 yrs warranty.

Most of all, the best thing for the customer is that , Chimneys are from best brand “Crompton” and reliable service from them and Indian Brand which also gives at Affordable price to the consumer compared to any of its competitors.

Best design , Best product, Best service at Best price too. Crompton Built-in Appliances

Crompton Chimney and Kitchen Apliances Dealer in Hyderabad

Contact : 9347604961

Range of Brass burner hobs with Safety device and Timer options and Slim hobs which can be kept over the counter are the Hobs with best features and Aesthetic look

Crompton Built-in Appliances

Come to Our store to check all the Products. Crompton- Chimneys, Hobs, Oven, Microwave and Dishwasher