Digital Modular Kitchen-Floral-Blue n White

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Digital Modular Kitchen-Floral-Blue n White

Digital Modular Kitchen-Floral-Blue n White in Moosapet, Hyderabad.

Modular kitchen

Eight streaks interiors, Leading manufacturers and designers of Modular kitchens.Utmost care is taken to match the client needs and Quality material is used to match the needs and taste of the customer. 8Streaks is a brand itself uses the best branded hardware ,accessories and appliances in the kitchens giving the comfort and convenience.Kitchens are reasonably priced according to the market prices and evenly priced according to the material chosen by the customer.Digital laminates being the trend in the kitchens, 8streaks ensures the best design in the kitchen by suggesting the customer the best match of laminates and combinations.

Modular Kitchens in Hyderabad

Modular kitchen in Hyderabad

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Modular kitchen in Hyderabad

Modular kitchen , 8streaks Interiors, Manufacturers of Modular Kitchen with Best quality panels made from Plywood and laminate which is hot pressed in Pressure and Temperature and Processed on Highly sophisticated machinery cut and Edgebanded with Rehau quality edgeband.Modular kitchen is made ergonomically and with latest accessories using brands like Ebco, Sleek and Hettich to suit the needs and utilizing the space effectively.We use Kitchen baskets and accessories of High grade and from the above reputed Brands like Ebco, Sleek and Hettich to suit the Needs of the customer and effective utilization of them.We source plywood directly from the Manufacturers to ensure the quality (IS 710) and High quality High pressure laminates from reputed brands. 8streaks provides 1year warranty on the service, free service for 1year after installation of the product at site.

We also make Kitchens apart from Plywood and Laminate, in MDF+Laminate, PU Painted Kitchens according the customer budget.

Kitchen is incomplete without the modern kitchen appliances like chimney,Hob, Microwave, Oven and Dishwasher.Even though all the appliances are not the part of kitchen, Chimney and Hob has become the Essential products which eliminates the smoke and give elegance to the kitchen.Electric chimney helps not only eliminating odors and smoke from the kitchen, it also helps in maintaining the kitchen cabinets oil free.Being the Kitchen appliances distributor in hyderabad and Andhra Pradesh and telangana, We sell kitchen appliances in Our store in Kukatpally(Head Office) and Kondapur. There are Many brands of Kitchen appliances available in the market, we recommend customers the best based on the experience and feedback from the customers as well as the technicians, we suggest the customers to go for 3rd generation autoclean chimneys ( filterless technology and Autoclean by heat) and Hobs with brass burners.Buy kitchen appliances online 

Buy Kutchina autoclean chimney

Modular kitchen       Modular kitchen in Hyderabad       Modular kitchen Hyderabad


Kutchina Distributors in Hyderabad

Kutchina Distributors in Hyderabad | Expo in Hitex |CAI 2018

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Kutchina Distributors in Hyderabad

Kutchina Distributors in Hyderabad

Kutchina Distributors in Hyderabad | Eight Streaks, Distributors of Kutchina appliances in Hyderabad.Kutchina being the Pioneer in Autoclean technology and the Filterless technolgy in Chimneys Participated in CAI Expo in Hitex on August 17th to 20th August 2018.

Kitchen chimneys ranging from rs.8000 to rs.56000 and Suction power from 800m3/hr to 1600m3/hr has wide range of options and models to choose from and Kutchina offers 1st 3 services free and Exclusively has company operated service center in Hyderabad.

Kutchina Kitchen appliances inclused range of products includes Chimneys, hobs, cooktops, microwave, oven and dishwasher and has edge over other Brands having unique features in every range. Check out kutchina Products

Order Kutchina Online 

Electric chimneys in Kondapur

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Electric chimneys in Kondapur

Electric chimneys in Kondapur -Chimney Showroom at botanical garden road, Kondapur, Hyderabad.Electric chimneys are Essential part in everyone’s kitchen.Due to the Modern concept of Modular kitchens, Chimneys are of utmost important in Eliminating the odors and Smoke from the kitchen.Electric chimneys are available generally in various brands with Sizes of 60cm, 75cm, 71cm, 76cm and 90cm.Most popular Electric chimneys comes in 60cm and 90 cm,i.e 2feet and 3feet. Traditionally chimneys are Just passage ways for smoke to let out, But these Modern day chimneys suck the odours and Smoke,which is a major Indoor pollutant and Also damages the interiors of the Kitchen with Oil and soot are Sucked in by chimney and are vent out from the duct pipe. Primitive/Conventional technology involves the Filters either Cassette or Baffle( which are cumbersome to clean), But Chimney store at Kondapur offers Autoclean chimneys at best prices.

Electric chimney store in Kondapur.Electric Chimneys of Different Brands Are available at Kondapur Store are

1.Kutchina-Pioneers in Autoclean technology and with Filterless Autoclean Technology

2. GAMLE(Great Appliances Make Life Easy)—Autoclean Chimneys

3. Sleek–Sleek chimneys and Hobs by Asian Paints

4. Sunblaze-20 years Experience in Cooktops Industry and Launched Chimneys and Hobs


6.Bosch Kitchen Appliances


8.Prestige Cooktops and Appliances


Electric chimneys in Kondapur kutchina forbes 60

                     Kutchina Forbes 60( Autoclean Chimney)


Electric chimneys in Kondapur-GAMLE Emily 60

GAMLE-EMILY ACL 60( Autoclean Chimney)

Best chimney brands in India

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1.Kutchina chimney

Kutchina is 17years old company Pioneers in Auto clean Technology,  which has its stronghold in Eastern India.Dominates the chimney segment with almost 90% sales in North East and Eastern India.Over 200 Dealers and Distributors across India has its network.

Unlike other chimney brands, after careful analysis of the needs of the customer, launched Auto clean chimneys in India and that too with Filterless.

This is the difference between other brands and Kutchina. It has unique centrifugal suction and Filterless (no hassles of cleaning filter ) other brands filter needs to be cleaned for every 15days.

So many companies /brands copied this, with fake auto clean( no centrifugal action) and Autoclean with Filters, means you need to clean filters anyways.

So choose wisely. Now a days other brands giving full time ads and noiseless chimneys is completely false.No chimney comes without noise.

But Noise levels are to be noted.

Kutchina Florentine bk- 46 db noise(least of all in 2feet range) 1200 suction

florentine chimney

Kutchina Ace- 46db noise, 1200 suction in 2.5feet

Kutchina Aster-3feet chimney with 1200 suction 46db

Chimneys come with Lifetime warranty on motor and 1st 3services free and Company operated service centers and Toll free number.

Check all the models

Modular Kitchen Designs by 8Streaks Interiors

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Modular kitchen designs

Modular kitchen designs -Modular kitchens are Manufactured according to the dimensions in the Project and are customized according to the Client requirements.Modular word represents the Material assembled at the Site/Project, So prefabricated material is assembled and arranged accordingly.These are designed according to the Utility, Aesthetics and Budget of the client to accomodate the Kitchen accessories.Modular kitchen designs are L-Shaped Kitchen, Striaght line kitchen, U shaped kitchen, Island Kitchen.

Kitchen Designers in Hyderabad

Digital laminates

modular kitchen store hyderabad