Russeta 4B | 4burner Indian Burners Hob from Kutchina

Russeta 4B brass burner hob

Russeta 4B

Russeta 4B

Russeta 4B Brass burner hobs from Kutchina.It is a premium company Known for its Quality products which are aesthetically Appealing and Best technology in its appliances to give the best experience to the customers.It was launched at a price of 16,990.00 INR best possible price in this category.It brings the technology with Indian brass burners with low consumption of gas due to 3 element burner design.


  1. It is Indian brass burner
  2. High efficiency
  3. Low consumption of gas
  4. Mirror finish knobs
  5. Dimensions: 750 * 450 * 135
  6. Comes with Dip tray
  7. 8mm glass
  8. Cast Iron Pan support

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